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Standalone LTE in unlicensed spectrum: design principles

A standalone LTE system, operating entirely in unlicensed spectrum, would broaden the reach of LTE performance benefits in unlicensed bands. This in turn would open the LTE ecosystem to non-traditional network providers and enable new RAN-sharing capabilities for telecom operators. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the challenges, design principles, and new opportunities of standalone LTE in unlicensed spectrum.

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LAA specification work starting in 3GPP

A global standard for Licensed Assisted Access is agreed to be included in Release-13, the next release of the LTE specifications by standardization organization 3GPP. Fair co-existence with other technologies operating in unlicensed spectrum is a fundamental design principle for LAA. Extensive investigations of how LAA can co-existence with itself and Wi-Fi systems have been done over the last 9 months within 3GPP. This together with a continued large industry interest formed the basis for the decision to start a work item. This blog post will give you some important details about the study and its results.

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Licensed Assisted Access: Practical Coexistence Solutions

Channel scanning and selection to operate a wireless network in frequencies with low received interference is always the first and most effective step for spectrum sharing and interference mitigation. Smart channel selection is thus sufficient in most scenarios (e.g., isolated and sparse deployments). In this second blog post on LAA, we discuss co-channel operation measures when different systems need to operate on the same frequencies.

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