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IoT networking – connectivity management

If we want to connect everything, we most likely need a variety of connectivity solutions. In a smart city, everything from trashcans to bus stops will be communicating. All these devices need to be managed. And what happens when a trashcan gets vandalized or a mailbox is moved? In five years there will be 21 billion things connected – and we’re going to need to support that.

Our aim is to make it as simple to connect an IoT device as it is to connect a mobile phone today.

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IoT Networking

IoT networks may be built in different ways. Devices can be directly connected to the 5G system, or they can connect through capillary networks using short-range radio to extend the 5G network reach. For efficient management, different radios need to be served in the same IoT platform. At the MWC we showed how to easily manage different capillary topologies and discuss capillary radios such as Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Calvin smart IoT development

If you want to know more about how Ericsson Research envisions the future of the Internet of Things, you’ll have a great opportunity at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You will find us in the Ericsson pavilion where we have prepared a demo of Calvin running on real hardware, with real sensors and real actuators communicating with each other and with live web services. We share a table with IoT Networks, which, quite frankly, is a really good match. Let me go through some details!

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5G radio test bed

If someone would sell 5G like a car, the salesperson would straighten her back, put on the biggest smile and gently grab your shoulder and say; “This is the fastest car we ever manufactured, it will work in any terrain. You can load as much as you want and on top of that you get extremely low energy consumption. It´s still not going to cost you an arm or a leg, it will be affordable and really good value for money.

You would buy it on the spot. 5G is that next big step in mobile communication.

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5G Media Delivery

Modern online media delivery services, such as online video streaming and other web browsing, face three main challenges. First, there is a substantial traffic growth which puts stress on the networks and on the delivery of the content. Second, there is an increased awareness of security and privacy among users. This means that service providers are more and more using encryption and other means to protect the delivery of the content. And third, media consumption is becoming even more social and mobile – why not share and chat about that Minecraft game or binge on House of Cards with your friend while on the go?

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5G for industries

To be at the forefront of technology, we have to understand the demands and the potential opportunities for the market and the world as a whole, not just on a technical level. Optimization and efficiency, important aspects of many expanding businesses, can be achieved while still putting emphasis on economic and environmental progress.

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On the road to 5G

At Ericsson Research, we are now preparing for the big industry event – the Mobile World Congress – taking place in Barcelona next week. 5G is of course on everybody’s lips and will be a central part of the congress itself. It will also be the main theme for the demos we will present there.

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