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Service Provider DevOps: Evolving NFV deployment and operations

The virtualization possibilities of technologies like SDN and NFV are transforming telecom service provisioning and deployment. Evolving carrier-grade operations at the same pace is, however, still a struggle. With SP-DevOps, the concept developed with partners in the EU-FP7 UNIFY project, we seek to tackle management challenges related to the increased agility and service velocity offered by software-defined telecom infrastructures. In this post, we share insights we gained since the launch of the SP-DevOps toolkit, along with an assessment of the overall SP-DevOps concept.

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Unikernels meet NFV

Unikernels – and particularly how suitable they are for NFV orchestration – was the topic of one 2015 research project here at Ericsson Research, Silicon Valley. We built a lightweight NFV PoC consisting of a network slice orchestrator, and designed a novel shared memory circuit based method for packet forwarding between VNFs (Virtual Network Function).

Our solution provides very good results in terms of server boot up time, service chaining complexity and memory footprint.

Here we’d like to share some details of how and why. You will also find a video demonstrating the NFV PoC.

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DevOps for Service Providers – next generation tools

Disruptive telecom concepts like NFV promise agility and high velocity of service innovation and deployment. These requirements call for a novel management paradigm beyond traditional telco workflows and processes. Together with our partners in the EU-FP7-funded UNIFY project, we tackle these challenges by taking inspiration from DevOps ideas widely applied at scale in data centers. Discuss with us our recently released SP-DevOps Toolkit, and how it helps showcase ideas that could usher a next generation of tools for telecom services in software-defined infrastructures.

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5G: flexibility or high performance? Both!

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) promise more flexible and manageable networks, but they also require a certain level of programmability in the data plane. Programmability which is often associated with lower performance. Is such lower performance really unavoidable? Or is it just a perception that needs to be removed from the heads of the networking community?

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Unifying cloud and carrier networks

Service innovation and efficient use of resources are goals of Service Providers and Content Providers in the ICT space. Advances in cloud and networking technologies provide tools to achieve this. Combining cloud technologies and carrier networks in a common orchestration framework can create new levels of performance and innovation, and this has been the goal of the EU FP7-funded UNIFY-project led by Ericsson.

This blog post provides a deep-dive into the UNIFY solution for readers that are well-versed in the technologies of SDN, NFV and data centers. Learn about the BiS-BiS solution, applying the narrow-waist design principle, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), how to fill the gap between SDN and the ETSI Management and Orchestration framework and diverse infrastructure domains.

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