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LTE-NR tight-interworking and the first steps to 5G

For 5G systems to start delivering value immediately, initial components of the New Radio (NR) technology need to satisfy both urgent market needs – by assisting LTE radio – and the longer-term requirements of 5G. In this context, LTE-NR tight-interworking is one of the most important technology components.

In this blog post, we will explain the concept and describe the key features now being standardized by the 3GPP.

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Three design principles of 5G New Radio

Robotic surgery, virtual-reality classrooms, self-driving cars, and broadband access everywhere. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what people expect to do with 5G wireless access. 5G New Radio (NR) is designed to be flexible, forward compatible and ultra-lean. Our view is that these design principles are dealmakers to support full range of future applications.

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Developing mmWave mobile radio interface

mmWave mobile communication is challenging due to harsh radio propagation conditions and severe hardware impairments that are experienced at extremely high carrier frequencies and large signal bandwidths. Ericsson Research, in partnership with leading research organizations in Europe, has led the development of radio interface for mmWave mobile communications. Let’s have a look at this innovative design.

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5G for latency-critical IoT applications

5G not only promises increased data rates but also targets new use cases important to the IoT ecosystem. Therefore, one of its distinguishing features will be the provision of low-latency data communication for machine type applications. We are investigating the use of 5G for latency-critical IoT applications in the collaborative research project, Fast Wireless, a German government funded initiative involving large and small companies, research institutes and universities.

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