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New tech in wireless communication & the growth of ubiquitous radio

Availability of a ubiquitous high capacity radio that can provide sharing of data anywhere and anytime for anyone and anything is one of five key technology trends for the future listed by Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden. In other words, wireless access is no longer just for people. In fact, wireless access will provide connectivity for any kind of device that may benefit from being connected. It should also be available anywhere, in the office, at home, on the street, in the forest…the list is almost endless.

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5 tech trends you need to know about

Being an engineer has probably never been more interesting than it is today, with such rapid advances in technology and how this impacts both our daily life and our work at Ericsson. New devices, inventions, solutions, and tools appear every day alongside the ongoing digitization of all kinds of industries.
It’s hard for anyone to be updated, but to help, our CTO, Erik Ekudden, has just published a new article examining what he sees as the five most significant trends in technology evolution.

Inspired by his list, I have some personal reflections on technology evolution.

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