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Ericsson Garage is a leader in technology and business incubator projects, taking new ideas from lightbulb moment to commercial viability, creating ground-breaking solutions to real world problems.

It's no secret that the corporate environment can stifle creativity. Processes that have been fit-tested for optimum economic efficiency and rigorous quality control can limit creativity in meeting industry challenges as they arise.

Thanks to the Ericsson Garage innovation incubator, this isn't the case in Ericsson. Working alongside start-up companies and industry partners to target real industry challenges, we follow a simple but effective design philosophy to create ground-breaking solutions the world really needs.

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Our incubator methodology

Inspired by lean start-up methodology, Ericsson Garage work with short development cycles in close dialog with customers, users and partners, learning and pivoting fast with each new iteration of a minimum viable product to ensure the final version fulfils actual customer needs and pain points.

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Our incubator projects

Ericsson Garage works with both internal and external incubator projects to create never-before-seen solutions to real industry and society problems. With sites all around the world, our incubator projects are all co-created with external industry partners.

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Incubation around the world

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The Ericsson Garage in Kista, Sweden is where it all started, but in order for innovation to benefit humanity as a whole, ground-breaking ideas need a space to flourish in every corner of the planet.

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The latest from the Ericsson Garage

finalists on the Ericsson Garage Startup Challenge

Meet the finalists on the Ericsson Garage Startup Challenge

In front of a live Dragon's Den in the Ericsson Studio, Hiveonline won over a judge's panel that included Ericsson's CEO, Börje Ekholm, with its financial trust platform for small businesses.

Digital business webinar

In this recorded joint webinar from Ericsson and Imagimob, Sandor Albrecht, PhD and Research Director at Ericsson and Anders Hardebring, CEO at Imagimob, gave a presentation on how IoT and artificial intelligence impact the development of new and emerging digital business models.

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Ericsson Garage on Instagram

Hard working innovators, Reza and Fereydoun, in their natural habitat a.k.a #EricssonGarage

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Technology incubator fuels startup innovation

For our tech incubator, Ericsson Garage, the recent TM Forum was about finding new value streams in a rapidly digitizing world.