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Transport Trailer Asset Management

Real-time collection and analysis of massive IoT data for transport

There are a few questions that all road freight and logistics company managers need an answer to.

‘Is my fleet being used efficiently?’, ‘How can I track my trailers for maintenance?’, ‘How will I know if my trailers are involved in an accident?’ and, of course, ‘How can I increase revenue?’ 

truck on road

Most asset management solutions in the market today track the vehicle rather than the trailer or container. The GSM and LTE solutions that do exist are not fully meeting customer needs, meaning the time is right to introduce an updated low cost, long battery life tracking solution for trailers.

Trailer transport enterprises rely extremely heavily on asset data to optimize their business and operate efficiently.

With accurate location data they can plan new routes and pickups to minimize trailer downtime, while mileage data means they can track wear and tear and prevent unnecessary delays caused by breakdowns and emergency maintenance.

Being immediately aware of accidents or other incidents enables faster emergency response dispatch, and better security both for driver safety and the contents of the shipment.

With the insight and capability offered through better use of technology, enterprises can make more of the solutions in which they have invested.

For example, reducing the amount of trailer downtime increases the revenue per asset, while the ability to monitor and control temperature, air pressure, or even oxygen and carbon dioxide levels enables new services new customers, and therefore new revenue.

Knowledge is power


The Transport Trailer Asset Management solution from Ericsson Garage in Ottowa provides all of this insight, giving companies the tools they need to optimize business and make the most of their assets.

Using CAT-M technology with sensors from Sequans and security from Gemalto, the solution can tell fleet managers where their trailers are, what condition they are in, when they need preventative maintenance, if and when they get into an accident, and can even help manage the contents of the trailer.

It’s a fantastic example of how collaborative, innovative thinking applied to an existing industry problems can open up new ways of operating, and enable companies to move beyond the restrictions of today’s technology.

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