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SK Telecom - a 5G hero empowering new use cases

Korean operators have extremely advanced networks today and the country is at the forefront of 5G technology development. Ericsson is working closely with leading operators and their dedicated teams to realize the commercial launch of the next generation network. Meet the 5G heroes of SK Telecom, listen to their visions and learn about the trials that are underway to enable new use cases.

Alex Choi, CTO at SK Telecom, shares his insights on the future of 5G at CES 2017.

Alex Choi, CTO at SK Telecom, shares his insights on the future of 5G at CES 2017.

SK Telecom on 5G core and radio access technology development

5G Heroes: SK Telecom Korea

"SK Telecom believes that collaboratively identifying the transformation strategies and directions together with the industry is essential."

Jinhyo Park, SVP Head of Network Technology & R&D Center at SK Telecom

A leading edge market when it comes to 5G, connectivity and speed 

SK Telecom in Korea is a technology innovator and long-time Ericsson customer. The joint trial activities are focusing on key 5G technologies such as new radio access technology and network slicing as well as network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined infrastructure (SDI), distributed cloud.

Key 5G radio technology components testing is another priority in the joint program, and the latest tests of Ericsson 5G radio prototype in a millimeter wave frequency band reached an impressive 27Gbps throughput, and marks a significant milestone in our joint collaboration efforts.

In this video you can meet the 5G heroes at SK Telecom and Ericsson-LG in Korea, see their work, their visions and the impressive test results of recent 5G trials.