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Gigabit LTE – a milestone on the road to 5G

Gigabit LTE is a significant milestone on the road to 5G. By offering Gigabit-per-second download speeds, operators can meet rising expectations of network performance as users live-stream and share increasing volumes of video content, collaborate on the move, and demand improved broadband performance wherever they are.

Operators who keep their networks at the leading edge of performance have been shown to command better user satisfaction and loyalty, and better revenues, than their competitors.

The need for speed

The need to evolve to Gigabit LTE, and beyond, is being driven by the growth in mobile broadband subscriber numbers and traffic volumes, the availability of more capable mobile devices, and rising user expectations.


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Enabling a smooth journey to 5G

Gigabit LTE is not a goal in itself; rather it is a milestone on the journey to 5G. And this journey can begin anywhere, for any operator.

Our evolution path to Gigabit LTE is designed to deliver enhanced, robust and future-proof app coverage for all mobile broadband users across the network, by boosting peak and average data rates throughout the coverage area. The result is increased data consumption, higher average revenue per user (ARPU) and higher data revenues.

Another benefit of Gigabit LTE is increased spectrum efficiency: more data can be carried by the network at the same time using the same resources.

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Delivering Gigabit LTE to operators

4G Evolution

Lower your cost per Gigabyte, deploy multi-Gigabit 5G ready radios and basebands, boost capacity with Massive MIMO, and address new opportunities in Fixed Wireless Access and Critical Broadband Networks. Explore Ericsson’s LTE solutions for next-generations networks.

Gigabit LTE network launched in China

As China Unicom's strategic partner, Ericsson is providing the technology behind China's first Gigabit LTE network. Ericsson’s Radio Dot System is allowing consumers and industry to take the first step towards 5G.

Ericsson Radio System on the road to 5G

By applying Ericsson’s Gigabit LTE solutions, the route to 5G is not a single giant leap, but a series of manageable steps that can be implemented smoothly and cost-effectively to achieve the same ultimate result.

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Gigabit LTE highlights

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