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Mobile and ICT patents transform our everyday lives

Innovations in cellular technology have opened us up to new digital experiences: 2G allowed us to have better conversations, 3G enabled us to surf the web, and 4G has given us seamless video streaming.

5G is now taking us to the next level and closer towards our vision of the networked society. It will bring rich video content with zero waiting times, immersive VR experiences and a whole range of exciting IoT services – in this connected world, anything is possible.

To continue innovating, we need to invest in the visionaries. Ericsson supports licensing under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms which remunerates companies with patent royalties. This enables them to re-invest in future developments, from cellular technology to incredible new advances in video encoding and location-based services. It means that the fruits of early and fundamental research are contributed back to the ecosystem, which leads to technology standards being established for generations to come.

Inventors of the Year

Bold innovations drive us forward. At Ericsson, we strive to recognize our inventors’ hard work and contributions to our patent portfolio. The Inventor of the Year award celebrates the pioneers who go above and beyond.

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Articles and opinions

Estimating the future 5G patent landscape

Who will own the most significant 5G patent portfolios in the industry? Learn about the future patent landscape for 5G.

Your phone, our technology: how patents make it possible

Did you know that you are using Ericsson’s technology every time you scroll through your favorite apps? Or that our inventions help prolong your smartphone’s battery life?

5G will be the platform for tomorrow’s smart cities

Learn how 5G networks will enable urban centers to adapt to rising urbanization.

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Leader in cellular technology

At Ericsson we are dedicated to research and innovation, leading the development of cellular technology – from 2G to 5G. Around 15 percent of Ericsson’s annual global revenue is invested in research and development (R&D) and we have the largest portfolio in the industry, with over 45,000 granted patents.

Through our creation of cellular standards we have pioneered the technology that we take for granted today and continue to lead the way for advancements still to come.

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Creating a healthy ecosystem

The immense investment made in technology innovation has driven the value we enjoy from our smartphones. Compensating innovative companies through patent royalties and on FRAND terms allows them to reinvest in the newest generation of technology, and unlock the most advanced digital experience for all of us. This is central to continuing to incentivize companies to contribute their best engineers’ time and creating standards of the future.

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Digital Workspace

Patent licensing explained

As the largest contributor to cellular standards throughout the generations, we have pioneered many of the technologies used every day on our phones – from location-based apps and touchscreen scrolling, to Bluetooth and seamless handovers between networks. As a result, we are one of the largest holders of standard essential patents for mobile communication in the world.

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The importance of global standards

Ensuring that there is a global standard is vital when it comes to cellular technology as it means that only the best innovations reach the consumer. The development of mobile and ICT technology is crucial to standardization since it supports innovation and ensures that only the most cutting-edge technology comes to market for all to enjoy.

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Ericsson Research Blog

Research, Insights and Technology Reflections

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Innovation is in our DNA

Research and development is core to our business and through constant innovation we’re able to push the boundaries of what’s possible, both today and for future generations to come.


Ericsson has been a key driver of 5G development and deployment, working closely with collaborators to recognize and confront opportunities and challenges.

Inventors of the Year

Our annual award scheme recognizes the outstanding contributions of employees and their pioneering ideas.


Ericsson has a rich history of innovation, and the company is leading the way as we advance towards the networked society. We believe digital transformation is the foundation for a better world.


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