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Ericsson in Ukraine

Ericsson’s connection with Ukraine has deep historical roots. It started back it 1893 when the company installed first telephone exchange in Kyiv.

In order to work closer with the customers, Ericsson's office in Kiev was opened in June 1995. Today, Ukraine is the part of customer unit Ukraine and Eurasia, and serves as a resource hub for delivery of IT and telecom specialists for Caucasus and Central Asia.

Today, Ericsson has about 330 employees and two offices in Ukraine – in Kyiv and Lviv.

The company cooperates with all largest mobile operators in Ukraine, and more than 50% of mobile calls in Ukraine are connected via Ericsson equipment. Company's leadership in mobile Internet allowed Ericsson to become one of the main 3G roll-out vendors in Ukraine.

In June 2016, Ericsson in cooperation with Intellecom conducted the first LTE live demo in Ukraine.

However, Ericsson business in Ukraine is not limited to roll-out and maintenance of mobile networks – based on international experience, the company develops innovative solutions for other industries.

Ericsson R&D in Lviv


On February 1, 2017, Ericsson successfully completed the integration of the earlier acquired Ukrainian operations of software development company Ericpol. This means that about 160 highly-skilled software developers and engineers became the part of the global Ericsson R&D team.

This acquisition strengthened Ericsson’s vision for Ukraine with specialized software development competences in radio, cloud technologies and IP. As the part of global Ericsson R&D team, Ericpol engineers will engage in future development of networks and solutions required in the networked society.