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NFV deployment here and now – how to make it commercially ready

Making the change to network functions virtualization (NFV) can feel overwhelming. Will the promise of an agile network at lower cost come true? What are the steps? What barriers can I expect and how do I overcome them? Learn from the first live networks deployments.

On this page you’ll find a series of eBriefs designed to help you overcome barriers to NFV adoption and accelerate your transformation. We have collected learnings and insights from working with the early adopters and divided them into several topics that we think should be key considerations when it comes to NFV deployment – from how to approach NFVi, MANO & Cloud and secure VNF performance, to how to develop a comprehensive migration plan and reap the full benefits of 5G & IoT.

Our NFV transformation journey guide

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Why is Ericsson a leader in Telco NFV?


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The time for onboarding NFV is now

It takes vision, confidence, a high tolerance for risk, and a big pile of cash to become an early adopter of a transformative technology. Yes, the rewards are great, but so are the risks. This has been particularly true of transformations from physical network functions to VNFs.

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NFV strategy, from trial to commercial operation

Although NFV and SDN have been discussed since 2012, most operators have several years left to come to a state where most of the commercial services are run on a virtualized infrastructure. The majority have started in some fashion and fairly common are trials or PoCs (proof of concepts) where a single application, such as vEPC or vIMS, is running on an appliance type of NFVI. Very few are running a large-scale commercial telco cloud to cater to a multitude of VNFs from many vendors.

Take a deep dive into NFV

VNF performance

Download our paper to find out how applications like vEPC, vIMS secure performance, stability and management n the telco-cloud.

Continuous delivery, CI/CD

How can DevOps change the agility of the network from months to hours? Download our paper to find out.

NFV Automation

Orchestration is key to fully working NFV platform, both for services and the network. Read more about the Ericsson Orchestrator.

Cloud-optimized applications network applications

Cloud native design principles are key for 5G service delivery. Learn about technology and business aspects, cloud automation, 5G cloud data layer.

Dynamic Orchestration

Ready to speed time to market, optimize costs and capture new revenue streams? Explore the pre-integrated solutions that make it possible.

Software defined infrastructure, SDI

Explore how SDI leads to optimal use of infrastructure and great flexibility within NFV solutions.

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