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5G Readiness Survey 2017

Where are operators on their journey to 5G? The result of our 2017 edition of the 5G Readiness Survey shows how operators have progressed from last year in evaluating technology, creating their strategy, and building business models.

The 5G Readiness Survey is a global survey of executives from leading operators that have publicly announced that they are working on 5G. This is our second annual report.

Some highlights from results:

  • 78% of executives surveyed say they are in 5G trials this year vs. 32% in 2016
  • 36% say they have a clear strategy in place for addressing industry segments with 5G, doubled since last year
  • 36% have a clear strategy in place for 5G business models, up from 21% in 2016

Download the full survey to gain useful insights into leading operators’ thoughts on the essential features of 5G, the challenge of monetizing 5G, and the opportunities they plan to pursue.


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