ITS World Congress 2010

    2010-okt-25 - 2010-okt-29
    BEXCO (Busan Exibition Convention Center) Sydkorea
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    ITS 2010

    Join us at 17th ITS World Congress 2010 and see how Ericsson can support you to provide a safe, convenient and sustainable next generation transport systems.

    Ericsson @ ITS World Congress


    ITS stands for Intelligent Transport Systems and Services and is the integration of information and communications technologies (ICT) with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users. The intelligence in the transport system (for both people and goods on roads, rails, water and by air) is created by deploying ICT-solutions supporting travelers, vehicles and the transport infrastructure (road / rail). The overall purpose of ITS is to improve safety & security, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact, of the transport systems.

    The overall purpose of the Ericsson participation on the congress is to position the mobile infrastructure and services as the major communication platform for ITS services. Sensors and devices in the transport systems is also part of Ericsson's 2020-vision to connect 50 billion devices through mobile broadband.

    Our global presence and scale, our leadership in products and services for Mobile and Wireline Networks, together with our end-to-end capabilities and existing Telco relations, will position us as a strong partner for fast deployment of ITS solutions.

    Our target groups for this event includes National Road Administrations, Road Operators, Automotive industry and suppliers (as providers of integrated communication capabilities in the car), Public Transport authorities and operators, Regulators ITS suppliers and Telecom Operators as they are expected to play an important role in the realization of ITS solutions.

    Ericsson activities

    Cellular network technologies are major enablers for critical ITS applications, building on an attractive economy of scale and speed of deployment, but equally important is know-how and experience that is why we will have experts on site to discuss your specific situation.

    • Exhibition area
    • At the Ericsson stand in the exhibition area we will amongst other showcase eCall, Traffic Hazard Warnings, ConnectedCar, LTE and Carbon Smart Commuting.
    • Congress
    • Special Session
    • October 27, 09:00-10:30
    • Cellular communication for vehicle safety – from eCall to Wireless Hazard Warnings
    • Moderator: Olle Isaksson, Director Industry Specific Solutions, Ericsson
    • Seminars
    • Ericsson sessions
    • October 26, 11:00-12:30, 3rd floor Glass Hall, room M301-1
    • Simplify and accelerate ITS deployment
    • The deployment of ITS infrastructure is often challenged by the system complexity and high costs. Already existing mobile communication infrastructure provide various enablers to simplify and accelerate the ITS deployment. Connectivity to commuters, vehicles and the traffic infrastructure can be provided, but also specific service enablers like location, messaging, billing and service creation tools.
    • Speakers
    • Olle Isaksson – Head of Transport & Automotive, Ericsson
    • Guido Gehlen – Senior Research Engineer, Ericsson
    • Emeritus Prof. Hironao Kawashima – Special Advisor Co-Mobility Society Research Center, Keio University
    • October 26, 14:30-16:00, 3rd floor Glass Hall, room M301-1
    • Connected vehicles enabled by mobile systems
    • Communication from and to vehicles is the next big technological step for innovative driver applications. Mobile communication systems provide means on different layers, connectivity, service enablement and content management, in order to support or even enable various applications in an efficient manner.
    • Speakers
    • Olle Isaksson – Head of Transport & Automotive, Ericsson
    • Guido Gehlen – Senior Research Engineer, Ericsson
    • Dr. Tadao Saito – CTO, Toyota Infotechnology Center
    • October 27, 11:00-12:30, 3rd floor Glass Hall, room M301-1
    • Carbon smart commuting
    • Carbon smart commuting aim to reduce companies CO2 emission and energy foot-print related to commuting travel for its employees. Carbon smart commuting provides both a conceptual framework, and practical tools for daily travel planning and the follow up of annual sustainability targets.
    • Speakers
    • Olle Isaksson – Head of Transport & Automotive, Ericsson
    • Fredrik R Skoglund – Business Development, Ericsson
    • Åke Lindstr¨m – Marketing Director, Kista Science City
    • October 27, 14:30-16:00, 3rd floor Glass Hall, room M301-1
    • Mobile networks for enhanced traffic safety
    • GSM, WCDMA, and LTE mobile networks will connect vehicles. Demanding traffic safety services like crash notification (eCALL) and road hazard warnings can be rolled out very cost effective using mobile networks. This seminar will discuss technology options and performance results.
    • Speakers
    • Olle Isaksson – Head of Transport & Automotive, Ericsson
    • Anders Fagerholt – Program Manager Telematics, Ericsson
    • Hans Rohde – Senior Advisor/Director, Swedish Transport Administration

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    BEXCO (Busan Exibition Convention Center)
    #43 APEC Rd, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea [612-704]
    + 82 51 740 7300