Smart Metering as a Service

Smart Metering as a Service – streamlining your business

Ericsson’s Smart Metering as a Service (SMaaS) is an end-to-end solution that streamlines your business processes, reducing your costs and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Smart Metering as a Service

Smart Metering as a Service (SMaaS) is a complete end-to-end smart metering business process outsourcing solution operated by Ericsson.

As an increasing number of utility companies look for ways to reduce costs and outsource processes, Ericsson’s Smart Metering as a Service (SMaaS) provides complete control over all aspects of metering.

SMaaS reduces the time it takes to implement smart metering and provides cost-effective meter and data management, as well as transparency about pricing and usage.

A recent study by IDC Energy Insights found 35 percent of utilities worldwide believe non-utility companies will pose the biggest competitive challenge in five years.

The study also revealed that the top three challenges in customer management are operational efficiencies and reduction of cost-to-serve, customer satisfaction and lack or retention of talent. The study also showed 52 percent of utilities worldwide expect to outsource the data analysis for their grid operations in 10 years.

Deployed either on site or from Ericsson’s operation centers, SMaaS handles all aspects of smart meter operations, both in-house and third-party services.



Requiring minimum upfront investment, SMaaS is a complete end-to-end automatic meter and data management solution which delivers cost-savings, thanks to high operational efficiency.

Some of the services offered are:

  • meter data collection, processing and scheduled validated data delivery
  • metering devices management
  • dispatching and field services
  • single point of contact in multi-supplier environment.

Services are delivered according to a Service Level Agreement and the transparent governance process and performance reporting enable utilities to keep control of quality and solution life cycle management and to focus on their core business.

At its heart, SMaaS is a business process outsourcing tool. It includes solution and life cycle management, giving utilizes the flexibility manage smart metering operations in the best way possible. It uses the Ericsson SMaaS Reference Model with common core and regional dedicated resources.

Until now, the demand for smart meters has been led by the electricity market, but momentum is building in the gas and water utilities markets too, where Ericsson’s wireless expertise and experience is valuable.


There are many reasons for utilities to choose SMaaS and there are also benefits to the end user and society too.

Utilities can benefit from:

  • increased operational efficiency
  • simple, effective management of outsourced processes
  • better information and insight
  • service enablement
  • commercial losses detection and prevention
  • flexible billing
  • improved outage management.

Ericsson is a full-service provider in both IT and communication – the two most crucial domains for successful smart metering deployments.

SMaaS leverages Ericsson’s vast experience in delivering complex projects, as well as unrivalled managed services expertise in telecom, ICT transformation experience and worldwide operational capabilities.

There are already more than 42 million smart meters around the globe enabled by platforms developed, operated or maintained by Ericsson.

What utilities need to do

What utilities need to do

A recent IDC Energy Insights report commissioned by Ericsson found that utilities globally are undergoing an extensive industry transformation, and that changing business models, adopting outsourcing and exploiting the advantages provided by ICT will be key elements in their future success.

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