The OSS/BSS Blog – 2011-12

Linking Policy & Charging Enables Opportunities

December, 20 2011 by Jaco Fourie
With the rising number of devices being connected to networks, each with more advanced capabilities, there is an ever growing volume of traffic that …

Next Generation CRM

December, 16 2011 by News Release
At Mobile World Congress 2011, Ericsson and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance that enabled Ericsson to offer an integrated Billing and CRM pro …

Charging User Group Marketing Workstream

December, 12 2011 by Gülsün Uluer Durur
Being a part of the Charging User Group is a unique opportunity for operators, and the contribution to the community is immensely important. Within t …

Mobile Broadband – Give them an Incentive!

December, 05 2011 by Yigit Kulabas
The growth of mobile broadband over the last 20 years has presented great opportunities for operators. The increased uptake of mobile broadband refle …

Calling for a change – is your BSS ready?

December, 02 2011 by Christina Carlsson
With the right Business Support System (BSS), your company can do more then just keep up with changes in the market. And as the communications landsc …
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