The OSS/BSS Blog – 2012-10

User Trust Issues and the Self Care Solution

October, 29 2012 by Jaco Fourie
Ask yourself the following question: When do you feel most at ease – when you have good overview of your past and current account balances, spending, …

When 20/20 is Not an Operator’s Customer Experience Vision

October, 25 2012 by Neil Lilley
According to a recent Analysys Mason report, 20% of smartphone users now use VoIP apps such as Skype, and 20% of those users actually use VoIP apps m …

CEM = Customer Experience Monetization

October, 24 2012 by Ray Bariso
Customer experience management is a mainstream topic in the communications industry today, but it really is nothing new. Other industries have custo …

Monetize New Broadband Capabilities

October, 19 2012 by Niclas Melin
Our CTO Ulf Ewaldsson stressed the importance of innovation to prepare networks for the era of big data in his keynote speech at the Broadband World …

Plan Build Optimize for FTTH

October, 18 2012 by Laurie Spiegel
With all the talk about mobile broadband growth, it’s easy to forget that growth in fiber-based broadband and the associated network buildouts are ex …

Realizing Your Tomorrow Today

October, 16 2012 by Christina Carlsson
Realize. It’s more than just a word. It’s a call to action. And as our industry evolves faster and faster into something new, it’s how you realize op …

Managing the Broadband Experience

October, 12 2012 by Ericsson Event
As consumer bandwidth needs intensify in support of burgeoning video and data-intense applications, the demands on the fixed portion of the network a …

Talking Self Organized Networks

October, 10 2012 by Johan Axelsson
The SON conference reminds us again of the fundamentals in our industry that are driving the need for automation.
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