The OSS/BSS Blog – 2012-11

Personalization - Key to Profitable Mobile Broadband Services

November, 27 2012 by Pat McCarthy
The era of personalization is all around us and is seen in all the applications and services that we use. To monetize mobile broadband services, serv …

The Right Fulfillment Processes Can Drive a Better Customer Experience

November, 23 2012 by Ferdinando Pagnotta
Our recent OSS/BSS Summit focused on three main topics: efficiency, innovation and customer experience. A main takeaway from the interviews and k …

CEM = Customer Experience Mentality

November, 16 2012 by Niclas Melin
This week I’ve been in London attending conferences arranged by Total Telecom and shared some of my impressions live during the event at #TTCES and # …

Reflections from OSS/BSS Summit 2012 with Pat McCarthy

November, 15 2012 by Ericsson Event
Pat McCarthy, Head of OSS/BSS Solutions Marketing, shares the experience of the Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit 2012 from Budapest, Hungary.

Your Majesty The Client

November, 13 2012 by Claudir Moretti
In the last decade, driven by fierce competition for retain customers, most of Telecom service providers have been investing millions of dollars in v …

Disruption Eruption at Total Telecom World as Ericsson Keynotes

November, 09 2012 by Pat McCarthy
Next week in London, it is Total Telecom World and the theme is Disruption Eruption. The Total Telecom teams are bringing together established and n …

Welcome to OSS/BSS Summit 2012

November, 07 2012 by Per Borgklint
Today the OSS/BSS Summit 2012 kicks off here in Budapest, Hungary and I am very excited to be welcoming those attending. With representatives from ov …

Getting Ready, OSS/BSS Summit in Budapest

November, 06 2012 by Chris Yeadon
Today we are in the final preparations of our first combined Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit. This two-day event gives us the opportunity to share experience …
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