The OSS/BSS Blog – 2013-04

Incentivizing Smart Network Data Usage

April, 30 2013 by Mazyar Salh
Yield Optimization can be used to encourage customers to use the network in smarter ways while improving the user experience.

Mobilink, Pakistan: Everyone is unique

April, 26 2013 by Peter Engblom
Introducing innovative, differentiated and flexible services through the world’s biggest ever charging swap project.

Niche Players Out to Grab Roaming Revenues

April, 24 2013 by Peter Engblom
Technology and the mobile lifestyle it allows doesn’t get left at the border when we travel abroad. Innovative roaming offers are needed to compete w …

The New Normal: Customer Experience Management Webinar

April, 12 2013 by Chris Yeadon
Understanding the customer's end-to-end experience allows operators to make Customer Relationship Management a positive differentiator.

Consumer Trends for 2013 and Beyond

April, 11 2013 by Jaco Fourie
The recent Ericsson ConsumerLab report into consumer trends provides us with plenty of food for thought when developing new ways of delivering produc …

Putting the User in Control

April, 09 2013 by Pat McCarthy
The explosion of smart devices and mobile broadband use means that creating personalized services is now more important than ever. But, which types o …

Bridging Content and Communication Services

April, 05 2013 by Jaco Fourie
Optimizing operations by linking policy and charging functions can create new business models that improve user experience.

The Multi-Device Experience

April, 03 2013 by Pamela Mallette
The multi-device experience is driving innovative thinking and the next generation of OSS and BSS.
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