The OSS/BSS Blog – 2013-07

Talking SON: Who is running your network?

July, 31 2013 by Johan Axelsson
Self organizing networks have a lot of promise for simplifying the operation of a mobile (or any other) network. One question that often comes up tho …

FILM: Shifting the focus from speed to personalized data offerings

July, 24 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Brian Mihelich, MS COO, Cloud Services, United States, speaks about how operators are creating innovative offers that focus on data.

Mobile Order Management: The Configurable Approach

July, 18 2013 by Robert Emery
By using a component-based approach to Mobile Order Management, innovative new services can be launched in just days or weeks, instead of months.

FILM: Bundled data packages introduce 3G technology to Lebanon

July, 11 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Roy Nehmeh, Market Developer, Alfa, Lebanon, shares how youth targeted offers and data bundling are giving them the competitive advantage.

LTE: The Human Factor

July, 09 2013 by Pablo L. Martinez
For service providers around the world, rolling out LTE into the network not only presents greater complexity for everyone involved.

Datora Telecom, Brazil: License to Launch

July, 05 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Datora Telecom goes live with Ericsson’s Charging and Billing in One solution to become the first MVNO in Brazil.

Improving Loyalty with Network Performance

July, 03 2013 by Graham Cobb
Network quality is intrinsic to the perceived user experience, and a key differentiator in ensuring consumer loyalty.
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