The OSS/BSS Blog – 2013-12

Unboxing the Subscription: Rethinking Mobile Broadband Offerings

December, 20 2013 by Chris Yeadon
It’s time for operators to re-think how they package and market their offerings, to differentiate and grow their mobile broadband business profitably.

FILM: Orange Group: Speed and Flexibility Keep Customers Happy

December, 11 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Piotr Karas, Orange Group, shares how the company is responding to customer needs with innovative mobile broadband offerings.

WEBINAR: Experience Driven CRM

December, 06 2013 by Chris Yeadon
How can telecom operators build architectures to provide a differentiating customer experience? Join us to find out!

WEBINAR: Policy & Charging – The Path to Service Personalization

December, 03 2013 by Peter Engblom
Join us for an interactive discussion on how providing differentiation through policy & charging can grow your revenue & give you the competitive edge
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