The OSS/BSS Blog – 2014-11

How Are You Preparing for the Shift to NFV?

November, 28 2014 by Alan Ganson
The transformation from physical to virtual won’t happen overnight. Nor should it. Success is all about the transition.

Current Analysis - OSS: The Glue That Enables Innovation

November, 27 2014 by Sebastian Lind
OSS and Charging with real-time capabilities are key to realizing the Networked Society.

Unified Communications Management = Smarter Smart Grids

November, 21 2014 by Daniel Lundell
Now is the time for operators to proactively shape the future of smart grids and secure their position in the utility value chain.

Make Service Agility a Cornerstone of Your Business

November, 18 2014 by Chris Yeadon
Are you investing in the assets that will ensure Service Agility in an ever-changing environment?

How Is Your Data Enhancing the Customer’s Experience?

November, 14 2014 by Adan Pope
As an operator, you already have the data you need to improve the overall subscriber experience. Are you putting it to good use?

Are You Ready for the Networked Society? Highlights from the Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit

November, 12 2014 by Pamela Mallette
Ericsson OSS/BSS Summit 2014 demonstrates the power of innovative thinking in a Networked Society.

Big Data Brings Big Opportunities for Telcos

November, 10 2014 by Christina Carlsson
Ray Bariso, Vice President, OSS/BSS, Ericsson North America, discusses how big data can be leveraged by telecom service providers to great advantage.

Secrets of True Customer Agility: It’s More than Big Data Analytics

November, 03 2014 by Peter Schorsch
What’s the secret to unlocking agility in order to deliver better control & personalized experiences? It starts with choosing the right OSS/BSS system
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