The OSS/BSS Blog – 2015-02

Opening Your Digital Telco Toolbox

February, 27 2015 by Danilo De Angelis
Join us at Mobile World Congress to discuss your Digital Telco Transformation journey.

Big Data, Better Analytics: Ericsson Expert Analytics 15.0 Is Here

February, 26 2015 by Graham Cobb
Develop and deliver the types of customer experiences that delight users in the Networked Society.

How to Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level

February, 25 2015 by Christina Carlsson
Customer care agents know what they need to create these superior customer experiences.

Have You Started Your Transformation to a Digital Operator?

February, 19 2015 by Sebastian Lind
We speak with Claudio Contini, CEO of Telecom Italia Digital Solutions.

Industry Change Makers Front and Center at Mobile World Congress 2015

February, 18 2015 by Pamela Mallette
How are today’s successful change-makers leveraging ICT to grow their businesses and drive innovation?

Are Your Insights into the Customer Experience Suffering Needlessly?

February, 17 2015 by Christina Carlsson
Using the right tools to improve customer experience management.

The Ericsson Networked Event: Feeding Your Killer Apps for Falun2015

February, 13 2015 by Jonas Nordström
Are you ready for an immersive sporting experience courtesy of two killer apps?

Etisalat on the Changing Role of the CIO

February, 12 2015 by Christina Carlsson
In the Networked Society, how is the role of the CIO changing?
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