The OSS/BSS Blog – 2015-05

Ericsson at TM Forum Live: Are You Getting the Most from NFV?

May, 29 2015 by Pablo L. Martinez
Join us in Nice as we share the TM Forum Catalyst on NFV Orchestration.

Ericsson at TM Forum Live: How the IoT is Combatting Loneliness

May, 28 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
Contributing to the healthcare ecosystem by delivering applications that help keep patients healthy.

Get Ready for Transformation at TM Forum Live! 2015

May, 27 2015 by Pamela Mallette
Change-makers from around the globe come together in Nice at TM Forum Live!

Ericsson BSS User Group: Successfully Monetizing Data Growth

May, 25 2015 by Chris Yeadon
Hosted by Bharti Airtel in New Delhi, the Ericsson BSS User Group brought together operators from around the world to share experiences.

Digital Services Lifecycle Part 3: Putting Offer Creation in Overdrive with Catalog

May, 22 2015 by Peter Engblom
How can you be sure that the highly relevant service offerings you’ve created stay relevant by the time you bring them to market?

20 Years of Consumer Insights and Counting

May, 21 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
As Ericsson ConsumerLab Research shows, service providers look to us to solve some of their most complex and demanding service delivery challenges.

Organizational Agility: It’s More Than Technology

May, 18 2015 by Peter Schorsch
Organizational agility lets you move at Internet speed, be more competitive, efficient & customer-focused, & adapt to a changing business environment.

Enterprise-Wide Catalogs: Improving Operator Agility

May, 15 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
Spark New Zealand’s GM of Change and Technology, Dr. Claire Barber, shares their goals and experiences regarding their transformation to agility.
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