The OSS/BSS Blog – 2016-01

Getting Creative at Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016

January, 22 2016 by Nathan Robbins
The 2016 Ericsson Innovation Awards are again bringing together some of the world’s most innovative minds to compete.

Transformative IT: Industrializing The Cloud

January, 21 2016 by Swamy Vasudevan
Cloud and virtualization are on the path to industrialization, driven by Transformative IT.

'The Transformative CIO’ in the ICT Industry: The Power and Challenges of Change

January, 19 2016 by Pamela Mallette
Interviews with 47 CIOs and other IT executives around the world reveal the worries, predictions and challenges they face in today’s ICT industry.

Exploring the Cloud at CES 2016

January, 11 2016 by Akhil Gokul
When you look at IoT, 5G gives you is greater capacity, but you need the cloud to be able to store, manage and extract value from the torrent of data.

The Future Is Written in the Cloud

January, 08 2016 by Swamy Vasudevan
Some of the most interesting applications of connected devices are less obvious – like at the vineyard.

Ringing in the New Year at CES 2016

January, 06 2016 by Nathan Robbins
The New Year brings new opportunities to come together and explore the ways in which ICT can make or break the customer experience.

The Vending Machine Approach to Product Provisioning

January, 05 2016 by Andy Sheahen
The Vending Machine Approach to product provisioning simplifies product catalogs and saves customers a lot of headache.
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