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Getting Creative at Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016

January, 22 2016 by Nathan Robbins
The 2016 Ericsson Innovation Awards are again bringing together some of the world’s most innovative minds to compete.

Etisalat Egypt: New Day, New Idea

November, 04 2015 by Peter Engblom
Etisalat Egypt offers an excellent example of what this kind of differentiation looks like in action with their “New Day, New Idea” campaign.

Ericsson Catalyst Projects: Driving Efficiency with Virtualization

October, 28 2015 by Pablo L. Martinez
Bringing together leading stakeholders across industries to develop the use cases that will drive innovation in the Networked Society.

It Takes More Than Ever to Stand Out

September, 08 2015 by Peter Schorsch
Transformative IT enables you to say “yes” to rapid service innovation by artfully applying IT Intelligence across your organization and OSS/BSS.

Telefônica VIVO: Partnering for Successful Smart Cities

January, 20 2015 by Pehr Claesson
Connectivity and ICT make life for city dwellers easier and safer in Smart Cities.

Cutting through Complexity: Restore Innovation to Your Business Systems

January, 14 2015 by Jaco Fourie
How can your systems be redesigned to break free of limitations and increase time-to-innovation?

Estonia Sets the Benchmark for ICT Development

October, 20 2014 by Peter Engblom
Anna Piperal, Marketing Manager at e-Estonia shares why Estonia has been so successful with mobile and e-services.

Econet Wireless: Targeting specific customer needs to drive growth

October, 14 2014 by Peter Engblom
Mellany Msengezi of Econet Wireless shares how they have identified the needs of specific consumer segments to develop value-added data services.
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