The OSS/BSS Blog – Agility

Technology Enables but Transformative Leadership Executes

August, 05 2016 by Linda Austin
Why will providers who can transform themselves into seamless organizations be better equipped to satisfy demanding customers?

STL Winner: Telus Adopts a Customer-First Initiative across Organization

December, 07 2015 by Peter Schorsch
Telus wins Organizational Agility Award.

Zain Jordan Brings Innovation to Service Creation

November, 09 2015 by Pamela Mallette
Zain Jordan has set the benchmark for competent service creation and delivery methodologies in today’s fast-paced service provider ecosystem.

Finding the Truth behind the Buzz Words

August, 13 2015 by Pamela Mallette
What do “agility” and “transformation” look like in practice? These aren’t just buzzwords.

Excel with Experience-Based Pricing

July, 17 2015 by Chris Yeadon
Now is the time to embrace experienced-based pricing - the right service for the right price.

OSS/BSS Will Drive 5G Success

July, 07 2015 by Pablo L. Martinez
Evolving OSS/BSS solutions and processes so that operators can meet the specific requirements that 5G networks will present.

Adaptive Inventory Redefines Inventory Management

June, 02 2015 by Laurie Spiegel
Ericsson Adaptive Inventory takes inventory management to the next level.
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