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A Seamless Organization is a Prerequisite for Successful Omni-Channel Management

July, 26 2016 by Linda Austin
Providers who transform into agile Seamless Organizations gain advantages. Read “Differentiate and Deliver: Why Seamless Organizations Will Own the F …

Alfa Lebanon: Innovating with Real-Time Offers

April, 14 2016 by Hassan Abou el Khoudoud
What are the solutions and capabilities needed to succeed in an ecosystem that is in a constant state of flux?

Customer Experience Management: So What’s “Superior Service” Anyway?

July, 14 2015 by Jaco Fourie
Many successful operators are looking for new ways to delight customers through superior customer service.

Delivering Innovation with OSS/BSS

June, 29 2015 by Jaco Fourie
Delivering a superior customer experience also means delivering a great service experience.

Are Your Insights into the Customer Experience Suffering Needlessly?

February, 17 2015 by Christina Carlsson
Using the right tools to improve customer experience management.

Beyond KPIs: Agile Operators Measure the Entirety of the Customer Experience

January, 27 2015 by Neil Lilley
Agile operators will be shifting their focus from KPIs to Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

Who Is Setting the Customer Experience Benchmark?

January, 07 2015 by Christina Carlsson
Today's customer experience expectations are being influenced by all industries, not just telecoms. Are you able to deliver a winning experience?

Alfa Lebanon: Collaborating to Drive Customer Agility

December, 18 2014 by Henrik Bornäs
Alfa’s Rami Assoum offers his insights on how operators can effectively leverage their data to drive collaboration and enhance customer agility.
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