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DevOps for Operators in an Era of Digital Services

June, 19 2017 by Smita Deshpande
Digital services, characterized by a fast and efficient lifecycle, need a DevOps model that enables rapid, frequent, and reliable services at scale.

The Age of Digital Transformation

January, 26 2017 by Seda Dolen
Follow these six principles to become a powerful digital enterprise.

Videotron shares their Digital Transformation Journey

September, 29 2016 by Fareed Khan
Videotron shares how their digital transformation has allowed them to deliver superior customer experience.

Digicel on their One Catalogue – One Customer View Approach

September, 27 2016 by Henrik Broén
Jason Keane, IT Director, Digicel, shares how he believes a “One Catalogue - One Customer View” is needed by service providers today.

Artful Transformation with Enterprise Architecture

April, 29 2016 by Thao Tu
Enterprise Architecture provides the methods, models and tools to help CSPs transform and thrive in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Growing tired of IT transformation?

March, 24 2016 by Pamela Mallette
It’s obvious that agility is a must and perpetual transformation is here to stay.

IT Transformation Accelerators at MWC

March, 10 2016 by Pehr Claesson
At Mobile World Congress we talked to customers about and showed our IT and Digital Transformation Accelerators that boost required change of operati …

Are CIOs Getting Whiplash As They Drive Telecom Transformation?

February, 19 2016 by Peter Buonfiglio
CIOs embracing Transformative IT will be best positioned for success in today’s ICT industry, as revealed in ‘What the Job is Today’.
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