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Indosat and the Changing Telecom Business in Indonesia

May, 16 2014 by Colin Goodwin
Bernardus Erry Nugroho shares how the technical and cultural changes are creating the need to address very distinct sub-segments in Indonesia.

Unboxing the Subscription: Rethinking Mobile Broadband Offerings

December, 20 2013 by Chris Yeadon
It’s time for operators to re-think how they package and market their offerings, to differentiate and grow their mobile broadband business profitably.

FILM: Orange Group: Speed and Flexibility Keep Customers Happy

December, 11 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Piotr Karas, Orange Group, shares how the company is responding to customer needs with innovative mobile broadband offerings.

Monetize New Broadband Capabilities

October, 19 2012 by Niclas Melin
Our CTO Ulf Ewaldsson stressed the importance of innovation to prepare networks for the era of big data in his keynote speech at the Broadband World …

Plan Build Optimize for FTTH

October, 18 2012 by Laurie Spiegel
With all the talk about mobile broadband growth, it’s easy to forget that growth in fiber-based broadband and the associated network buildouts are ex …

Combining Policy & Real-Time Charging for Superior Mobile Broadband Offerings

September, 14 2012 by Jaco Fourie
Immense changes have taken place in the telecommunications industry and for operators this means the challenge of defining and delivered a good custo …

Ericsson ConsumerLab Report - Smarter Mobile Broadband

June, 28 2012 by News Release
Users’ previous experiences affect the way they rate the more personalized and dynamic offerings that smarter traffic management and charging allows. …

Are we ready to launch new shared-data plans for consumers?

June, 21 2012 by Niclas Melin
There has been more and more intensity adding to the discussion on how to price mobile broadband services. The recent announcement of Verizon’s share …
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