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U.S. Wireless Industry Preventing Bill Shock

October, 19 2011 by News Release
Back in January there was already much discussion regardingnew regulationsin the U.S. and EU to prevent "bill shock" in the wireless industry.

India Telecom Commission okays TRAI proposal

August, 18 2011 by News Release
This last week the India Telecom Commission okayed most of TRAI's proposals regarding consolidation in the telecommunications sector.They have approv …

Consolidation imminent for Indian telecom industry

August, 04 2011 by News Release
The intense competition may be coming to an end for the Indian mobile telecom service industry with the promise of consolidation coming soon. India i …

The Netherlands passes net neutrality law

June, 23 2011 by News Release
The net neutrality principle has found it's second supporter in The Netherlands, who has become the first market in Europe to pass regulation into la …

EU to promote 4G services with new rules.

April, 21 2011 by News Release
European commissioner Neelie Kroes has introduced new rules for the EU for the purpose of promoting 4G services.The European Commission has set new t …

FCC rules AT&T, Verizon to let rivals use networks for data

April, 08 2011 by News Release
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved a measure mandating companies such as AT&T and Verizon let smaller telecommunications carr …
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