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Networks Out Of Tune? Bring In The Orchestra Conductor

February, 22 2016 by David Neuhaus
Automate operations by coordinating network services across domains, technologies and vendors with Ericsson Dynamic Service Manager.

Ericsson, Volvo and AT&T: A Case Study in Collaboration

March, 30 2015 by Jonas Nordström
Creating powerful innovations that satisfy diverse wants and needs of customers in the Networked Society.

The Top Consumer Trends of 2015: What They Mean for Your OSS/BSS

December, 12 2014 by Christina Carlsson
The latest ConsumerLab report shows how consumer expectations are evolving, and yes - it includes robots!

CMO Telenor Sweden: Extending the Customer Experience

July, 21 2014 by Sebastian Lind
What does it mean to expand the customer experience? Arild Kaale, CMO of Telenor Sweden shares why he thinks customer experience is so important.

Ooredoo: Fast, Agile OSS/BSS are Critical in Today's Market

October, 24 2013 by Voices of OSS/BSS
Ivo Bures and Timo Tapani Sytela, Ooredoo, discuss how in today's competitive market OSS/BSS help telecom operators be fast, flexible and in control.

Why Customer Experience requires Transformation

June, 12 2012 by Jaco Fourie
In mid-2012 we are well on the way toward a Networked Society, where everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected. This is a huge …

Debunking the myths of transformation – Ericsson in Global Telecoms Business

May, 24 2012 by News Release
Operators face unprecedented business challenges. With increased competition and new developments, opportunities for new entrants to capture a signif …

Customer Views - Ericsson in Global Telecom Business

May, 23 2012 by News Release
Included in the March/April issue of Global Telecoms Business is a special cover section from Ericsson that includes customer-case studies with Italy …
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