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Article: Crafting UX – designing the user experience beyond the interface

In large technologically-driven organizations with a broad and complex product range, establishing a user-centric approach to product design can be very challenging. The shift towards designing products and services for compelling experiences for users requires (among other things) changes in planning, resources and processes.

I have recently contributed to an Ericsson Review article that my former colleague Didier Chincholle put together on the topic. [ Read more ]

What does ‘cloud’ mean? – drafting a narrative framework for better cloud-understanding

The last few years we have worked with a number of projects that in one way or another have involved ‘cloud’-something, and it has become increasingly clear to us that the term ‘cloud’ has become so inflated that it is almost useless in any kind of critical or creative discussion. It’s what usually happens with buzzwordified marketing concepts.

Maybe ‘the cloud’ [ Read more ]

Coming to terms with complexity – Issues and questions at the top of our minds

At the moment we’re quite busy with a number of activities that are difficult to share any specific information about – mainly because we are in the middle of getting our heads around things. So instead of writing about what we haven’t done yet, I reckon it might be of interest to point at some of the topics we have been thinking about lately over [ Read more ]

Journalist-bots, data and connected everything.

As a part of exploring how our research-platform for interconnected objects (see “the Social Web of Things“) could enable new user experience concepts, we looked into what we could do with the log of data generated by the connected gadgets, sensors and services. This data is both used to maintain an updated snapshot of the current [ Read more ]

The hippos and camels of connected products

photo by Rob Dray, from flickr.

In a recent attempt to explain, in a non-technical way, how the network and the integration with web-based services is changing the properties of our products and devices, I told someone that “the network is a habitat”. The network is a fundamental condition for many connected products to function well, so connectivity is almost like a natural [ Read more ]

Sustainability – the ultimate ICT purpose?

During the last years there has been a growing interest in using technology and ICT services to make people and organizations aware of alternative ways of looking upon their practices, and thereby inspire them to change behavior (a topic that my colleague Anna wrote about in a previous blog post). One of the main themes has been to support a development towards [ Read more ]

Expressing the value of (ux)research and design

Here are some reflections after internal discussions that I think can be general enough to share. It has some hooks to a previous post about user experience in corporate research. The thing is that we seem to repeat almost the same discussion at the beginning of every project. It’s about goals and targets. In modern [ Read more ]

What a difference a little fun can make!

People need changing behavior for many reasons, i.e. to get a healthier lifestyle or make the world a better place and securing the future of our planet by acting in more sustainable and environmental-friendlier ways. Changes can be small and incremental but yet so important in the long run. Now when the end of the year is approaching it’s a good [ Read more ]

Product moral and artificial ethics (a few notes)

I’m collecting thought-seeds for possible future work related to the user experience of products containing artificial intelligence. Here is some thinking-aloud after a little ad-hoc digging triggered by reading about The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), who got some attention in mainstream media this week, especially for the part of their research area concerning artificial general [ Read more ]

Corinthian leather and stretchy jellyblobs

stretchy jellyblob

Design-know-how’ers have been collectively upset lately because of GUIs that includes imitations of physical materials or other ornamental characteristics of physical products. The aesthetics of Apple’s default calender app, the podcast recording app and the address book app have been particularly hated. Skeumorphism is the name of the sin, but the fuzz seems to really just be a quarrel about style [ Read more ]