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162_frontend_ppt Rising a child is a complex task

Lately I’ve been studying complexity: complex systems in general, and management and operations thereof in particular. It’s a fairly all-encompassing subject that tends to easily shift over to rather abstract discussions. In this blog post I’ll try to stick to the core and bring up some of the aspects that we have been thinking of. [ Read more ]

Master thesis projects – supporting citizen engagement and empowerment

After some time in the administrative systems of the universities, the two reports from our recent master thesis workers are finally published and available on the web! Both projects were initiated during our work with the challenges that different megacities around the world are facing, and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) we see being part of the solutions.

Throughout the city-related projects we [ Read more ]

Report: The next age of megacities

Megacities need to balance social, economic and environmental pressures in a sustainable way, while providing essential services and a good quality of life for the citizens. Realizing this potential requires a holistic, proactive and collaborative approach at all levels of society, from city planners, businesses and citizens, using a city management system to achieve a common vision.

This is where ICT can play an [ Read more ]

Wave ’em like you just don’t care – A couple of gesture based interaction tests

Macbook Pro with Phidget board and sonar sensor Seeing/hearing/feeling is believing, and hence we spend quite some time mocking things up using quick coding, wizard of oz techniques, or (quite often) just some duct tape. The aim is mostly to investigate certain design qualities and not production grade products, in order rapidly to [ Read more ]

Report: Managing Megacities

Megacities may be congested and complex, but are also among the planet’s most exciting places to live. They have proven effective at stimulating creativity, innovation, freedom and economic development.

Today, 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities, a figure expected to reach about 70 percent by [ Read more ]

My life as me – to be and to change

Sitting on the floor

Health and lifestyle changes are popular topics in media, but is that what actually makes people change their lifestyle? What is it that really spurs change? What are the challenges? And how can such insights influence the way we design preventive care services?

These questions framed a research project that we did in collaboration with our friends at Trendethnography who spent weeks [ Read more ]

Sci-fi Meets Robots Meets Human Meets the Everyday… and the Anthropologist’s Point of View.


So, we all know what a robot is, don’t we? C3PO and R2D2 are robots. So is the Terminator and so are the cute robots from “Robots”. At least these are the most common robots mentioned by the people I met during 6 months of fieldwork during 2009 and 2010 where I asked [ Read more ]

Teddy Bear says: Study hard, don’t be lazy!

Imagine that things could speak. What would they say? – This was one of 26 questions put to 42 persons between the ages of 18-50 years old in Tokyo (Japan), San Jose (USA) and Beijing (China) that took part in a photo-dairy/self-ethnography study we conducted during 2010 and 2011.

The question has two answers: What thing? and what should it say? (and btw, nobody [ Read more ]