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Product moral and artificial ethics (a few notes)

I’m collecting thought-seeds for possible future work related to the user experience of products containing artificial intelligence. Here is some thinking-aloud after a little ad-hoc digging triggered by reading about The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), who got some attention in mainstream media this week, especially for the part of their research area concerning artificial general [ Read more ]

Goodbye dear product (it’s not you it’s me) – A few thoughts on the value of things.

Some objects become more important to us than others. There are lots of different reasons for why a thing become important to someone, but sentimentality and uniqueness are obvious factors. We observed another not so obvious factor in studies around the world when we investigated understanding and attitudes toward a UI-concept for smart networked products: When an object is [ Read more ]

The future of pet-like products

Sometimes I get to talk about the near future of smart networked products and services. This is an image I have used to describe where product design is heading. It is originally borrowed from robot research, showing what they call the “uncanny valley“; the steep drop just before the curve reaches the upper right corner of the chart. It [ Read more ]

“Smart phone”?! High-tech seen by a 5-year old.


“How do the car know that it should turn on it’s blinker before we are actually turning?” – The question came from my five year old daughter as we were driving to her football training the other day. A perfectly valid question if one has recently arrived to this planet and curiously observes it’s inhabitant’s technological inventions. Actually, her general hypothesis seem to be something like: things that do [ Read more ]

Sci-fi Meets Robots Meets Human Meets the Everyday… and the Anthropologist’s Point of View.


So, we all know what a robot is, don’t we? C3PO and R2D2 are robots. So is the Terminator and so are the cute robots from “Robots”. At least these are the most common robots mentioned by the people I met during 6 months of fieldwork during 2009 and 2010 where I asked [ Read more ]