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Product moral and artificial ethics (a few notes)

I’m collecting thought-seeds for possible future work related to the user experience of products containing artificial intelligence. Here is some thinking-aloud after a little ad-hoc digging triggered by reading about The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), who got some attention in mainstream media this week, especially for the part of their research area concerning artificial general [ Read more ]

Exploring the world (out of office)

Part of the work as a user experience researcher (or a designer) is of course to get out of the office and explore the world. It is not enough to only read about things and listening to the experiences of others. Journeys into people’s everyday lives will surely give a more holistic view of practices and increase the understanding for potential users of products [ Read more ]

Digital interaction leakage

"Play" button in a paper

As I was skimming the newspaper this morning something caught my attention in the corner of a page – a Movie! Fantastic! An embedded YouTube movie in a newspaper! It didn’t play though (ff course I tried). The paper-movie was the “Youtube-clip of the week” micro-feature, using a play-button to illustrate just that.

Mild annoyance over the “misuse” [ Read more ]

My life as me – to be and to change

Sitting on the floor

Health and lifestyle changes are popular topics in media, but is that what actually makes people change their lifestyle? What is it that really spurs change? What are the challenges? And how can such insights influence the way we design preventive care services?

These questions framed a research project that we did in collaboration with our friends at Trendethnography who spent weeks [ Read more ]