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Inclusiveness through Mixed Reality

We would like to welcome guest writers to our blog. During the spring, we have had a group of four Industrial Design Engineering students from Chalmers University of Technology doing a project for us as a part of their master program. We asked them to conceptualise applications of mixed reality including haptics for use in urban settings on a city-scale. And of course, they did [ Read more ]

Exploring the world (out of office)

Part of the work as a user experience researcher (or a designer) is of course to get out of the office and explore the world. It is not enough to only read about things and listening to the experiences of others. Journeys into people’s everyday lives will surely give a more holistic view of practices and increase the understanding for potential users of products [ Read more ]

New Cities Summit: A holistic view on city growth and progress for all

Pet bottle collectors

The first annual New Cities Summit took place in Paris in May this year, and drew city leaders, researchers, and various thinkers from all around the world. During three days, we discussed the diverse challenges that are arising from the rapid urbanization, how cities can find sustainable solutions to these challenges, [ Read more ]