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Data Commons – a trust framework

The walk down the memory lane continues. Back in 2013 we did a project about subscriber data that is still more than relevant, which we have not published anything about yet. And the current discussions around privacy related to Augmented and Mixed Reality have brought the topic back on top of our minds.

The Data Commons project was carried out by a team of mixed competencies with, apart from us, data researchers and [ Read more ]

Co-creating the city — City-scale mixed reality tested in Johannesburg

We just returned from Johannesburg, South Africa, where we tested an early prototype of a mixed reality platform that we are working on. The experiment in Johannesburg was part of a collaboration with UN-Habitat, Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) and Wits University where we are jointly exploring digital innovation in community-driven urban design.

UN Habitat, who we have been [ Read more ]

IKEA Fiction (smart everyday for the many people)

IKEAdesignfiction_spread_home Just a quick note and pointer towards this IKEA Design Fiction catalogue, a project that we have participated in at the Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre at Stockholm University, where Ericsson is one of the partners.

The IKEA Design Fiction catalogue is a collection of visualized scenarios that asks a number of open questions about possible futures that could be enabled by emerging [ Read more ]

Exploring the relations between near future ICTs and prosperity in Nairobi, Kenya


There hasn’t been too much information about the activities in the UN-Habitat partnership on the blog. Fortunately, lack of activities is not the reason for this silence. It has rather been a very busy first year of the research collaboration. Anyhow, it is definitely time to write a few lines about one of the projects we have done together.

First, a short [ Read more ]

Jambo UN-Habitat!


A few lines to announce that the collaboration with UN-Habitat now formally has started. The three-year partnership aims at combining UN-Habitat’s vast knowledge about urbanization in developing countries and framework around city prosperity with Ericsson’s vision of a networked society and thoughts around future mobile networks.

Along the way, we will combine overarching and more theoretical reasoning with [ Read more ]

Taking the idea for a walk


It has been a bit quiet here at the blog for a while, but, you know, blog-silence often means lot’s of things happening underneath the surface. This subsurface bustle — let’s just call it The Perpetual Corporate Reorganisation phenomenon — has resulted in a new “home”. We are now part of a newly established department in Ericsson’s research organisation called “Management and Operation [ Read more ]

Konnichiwa, Keio University!

Keio University logotype Just a short post to let you know that we at Ericsson Research have engaged in a collaboration with the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. The Graduate School of Media Design has presented some really great research over the years and we look forward to engaging in joint activities focusing [ Read more ]

Sustainability – the ultimate ICT purpose?

During the last years there has been a growing interest in using technology and ICT services to make people and organizations aware of alternative ways of looking upon their practices, and thereby inspire them to change behavior (a topic that my colleague Anna wrote about in a previous blog post). One of the main themes has been to support a development towards [ Read more ]

Urban Mobility – Student projects in Silicon Valley.


There is increasing focus on enabling smarter cities in response to the global trend of exorbitant numbers of people moving to cities everyday. The amount of people living in cities has recently surpassed half of the world’s population, and about 500 million of them lives in what we can call Megacities, cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. [ Read more ]