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A Future Network Developer Kit

Now that 5G is just around the corner we’re excited to finally share this one! It is something we did a few years ago together with our good friends at the Oslo based design studio Voy as part of our ever ongoing strategic design exploration of future network technology. The aim for this project was to create a tangible artefact that could communicate future [ Read more ]

Mixed reality and dialogues about future urban plans and developments

During the last years, we have together with both internal and external partners explored various aspects of ICT and sustainable urbanism. The ambition with the activities described here are also to continue to develop concepts and strategies within this broader theme, and to concretize what kind of values that new technologies might bring. It is still very much research-in-progress, so [ Read more ]

Exploring the relations between near future ICTs and prosperity in Nairobi, Kenya


There hasn’t been too much information about the activities in the UN-Habitat partnership on the blog. Fortunately, lack of activities is not the reason for this silence. It has rather been a very busy first year of the research collaboration. Anyhow, it is definitely time to write a few lines about one of the projects we have done together.

First, a short [ Read more ]

Cloud-technology interplay simulator

In a recent project aiming to compare “distributed LTE enabled telco-cloud” solutions versus current best practice (i.e. Wi-Fi and Internet-based cloud), we developed a Pac-Man inspired simulator to show this comparison in a an easy to understand manner.

Theoretical advantages of LTE are the larger coverage area and the use of regulated spectrum. However, how and if the technical performance in [ Read more ]

What does ‘cloud’ mean? – drafting a narrative framework for better cloud-understanding

The last few years we have worked with a number of projects that in one way or another have involved ‘cloud’-something, and it has become increasingly clear to us that the term ‘cloud’ has become so inflated that it is almost useless in any kind of critical or creative discussion. It’s what usually happens with buzzwordified marketing concepts.

Maybe ‘the cloud’ [ Read more ]