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IKEA Fiction (smart everyday for the many people)

IKEAdesignfiction_spread_home Just a quick note and pointer towards this IKEA Design Fiction catalogue, a project that we have participated in at the Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre at Stockholm University, where Ericsson is one of the partners.

The IKEA Design Fiction catalogue is a collection of visualized scenarios that asks a number of open questions about possible futures that could be enabled by emerging [ Read more ]

Moral compasses and parallel universes — a few thoughts about technology and ethics

smilescale_16-9 Should public safety trump civil liberty? Will cities (or our lives for that matter) become better if we make them more efficient? Does it matter if common technologies are indecipherable to most people? Is it always a given that the data generated by people’s use of products and services belongs to the ones providing those products and services?

These kinds of [ Read more ]

Ramblings about playfulness and design in old school format – The book Plei Plei is finally here

The book "Plei-Plei!" - now printed

During 2012 a group of people from the Mobile Life centre ( and some of its partners (including yours truly) decided to put together a collection of writings as well as presentations of interesting projects that illustrate the importance of playfulness in all kinds of domains. As a consequence [ Read more ]