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Data Commons – a trust framework

The walk down the memory lane continues. Back in 2013 we did a project about subscriber data that is still more than relevant, which we have not published anything about yet. And the current discussions around privacy related to Augmented and Mixed Reality have brought the topic back on top of our minds.

The Data Commons project was carried out by a team of mixed competencies with, apart from us, data researchers and [ Read more ]

Maji Wazi – exploring how digital technologies can support access to water in slum areas in Nairobi

Informal water point in Mathare

We have recently concluded an exploratory research project together with UN-Habitat (United Nations Programme for Human Settlements) and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (responsible for water distribution in the Nairobi area). The project’s main ambition was to explore how digital technologies can support access to water in slum areas in Nairobi, and the primary research was [ Read more ]

Exploring the relations between near future ICTs and prosperity in Nairobi, Kenya


There hasn’t been too much information about the activities in the UN-Habitat partnership on the blog. Fortunately, lack of activities is not the reason for this silence. It has rather been a very busy first year of the research collaboration. Anyhow, it is definitely time to write a few lines about one of the projects we have done together.

First, a short [ Read more ]

Coming to terms with complexity – Issues and questions at the top of our minds

At the moment we’re quite busy with a number of activities that are difficult to share any specific information about – mainly because we are in the middle of getting our heads around things. So instead of writing about what we haven’t done yet, I reckon it might be of interest to point at some of the topics we have been thinking about lately over [ Read more ]

Journalist-bots, data and connected everything.

As a part of exploring how our research-platform for interconnected objects (see “the Social Web of Things“) could enable new user experience concepts, we looked into what we could do with the log of data generated by the connected gadgets, sensors and services. This data is both used to maintain an updated snapshot of the current [ Read more ]

Exploring the world (out of office)

Part of the work as a user experience researcher (or a designer) is of course to get out of the office and explore the world. It is not enough to only read about things and listening to the experiences of others. Journeys into people’s everyday lives will surely give a more holistic view of practices and increase the understanding for potential users of products [ Read more ]

Digital interaction leakage

"Play" button in a paper

As I was skimming the newspaper this morning something caught my attention in the corner of a page – a Movie! Fantastic! An embedded YouTube movie in a newspaper! It didn’t play though (ff course I tried). The paper-movie was the “Youtube-clip of the week” micro-feature, using a play-button to illustrate just that.

Mild annoyance over the “misuse” [ Read more ]

Exploring connected things with BERG


The London-based design consultancy BERG have produced some very interesting work and their idea that Products are People Too is particularly intriguing since we had been tinkering with the concept of a Social Web of Things. When we stumbled over BERG’s brilliant work it was striking how many of their ideas overlapped and added to our own. [ Read more ]