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A Future Network Developer Kit

Now that 5G is just around the corner we’re excited to finally share this one! It is something we did a few years ago together with our good friends at the Oslo based design studio Voy as part of our ever ongoing strategic design exploration of future network technology. The aim for this project was to create a tangible artefact that could communicate future [ Read more ]

Upcoming IoT Sthlm Meetup: Ethics & Technology


Just a pointer to an upcoming event that we are hosting. On January 29 a meetup on Ethics & Technology will be held at the Ericsson Studio here in Kista, Stockholm (follow the link to RSVP). As the title suggests, we’ll be talking about the ethical and moral aspects of creating new products and [ Read more ]

Presentation: “A future with more _and_ less technology”

First slide of presentation On June 17 a workshop on the theme “Citizen driven e-administration” was held at the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications ( here in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshop included participants from academia, industry, as well as representatives from various governmental departments and organisations. I was invited to present a brief overview of some of the technological and socio [ Read more ]

Coming to terms with complexity – Issues and questions at the top of our minds

At the moment we’re quite busy with a number of activities that are difficult to share any specific information about – mainly because we are in the middle of getting our heads around things. So instead of writing about what we haven’t done yet, I reckon it might be of interest to point at some of the topics we have been thinking about lately over [ Read more ]

Journalist-bots, data and connected everything.

As a part of exploring how our research-platform for interconnected objects (see “the Social Web of Things“) could enable new user experience concepts, we looked into what we could do with the log of data generated by the connected gadgets, sensors and services. This data is both used to maintain an updated snapshot of the current [ Read more ]

The hippos and camels of connected products

photo by Rob Dray, from flickr.

In a recent attempt to explain, in a non-technical way, how the network and the integration with web-based services is changing the properties of our products and devices, I told someone that “the network is a habitat”. The network is a fundamental condition for many connected products to function well, so connectivity is almost like a natural [ Read more ]

The future of pet-like products

Sometimes I get to talk about the near future of smart networked products and services. This is an image I have used to describe where product design is heading. It is originally borrowed from robot research, showing what they call the “uncanny valley“; the steep drop just before the curve reaches the upper right corner of the chart. It [ Read more ]

Silos, Stovepipes and Siri


I was invited to say something at a conference in Stockholm the other week and I gave a talk that I half-dorkishly titled “The Internetworkeffects of Things”. I tried to say something about that the default strategy for products and services in an increasingly networked society must include good and open APIs that enable interplay with other products and [ Read more ]

Exploring connected things with BERG


The London-based design consultancy BERG have produced some very interesting work and their idea that Products are People Too is particularly intriguing since we had been tinkering with the concept of a Social Web of Things. When we stumbled over BERG’s brilliant work it was striking how many of their ideas overlapped and added to our own. [ Read more ]

Ericsson and LEGO at MWC 2012

fetch-the-paper robot

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, one of the major fairs for the telecom industry, we teamed up with LEGO Mindstorms to show connected Lego-robots hooked up to the Social Web of Things prototype.

The demo included four robots, each with a specific task. A laundry-robot that sorted socks by colour and placed them in different baskets while it chatted with the washing machine. A gardening-robot watered the [ Read more ]