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See you at MWC’16

Several quadcopters on a table Ok, we know, it has been awfully quiet here for a while. We’re truly sorry about this. One reason for this absence of information is that we’ve been really busy with a research project that has developed into a rather big demonstrator that will be presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (February 22–25) in Barcelona. We can’t [ Read more ]

MWC recap – Presenting an UX view of the future of mobile networks and systems


At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, we presented the research concept “Remote Control over Mobile Networks” that we’ve been working on lately. In the following video, Marcus Gårdman presents the concept:

In four days we gave around 250 presentations to customers, partners, analysts, and media from all over the world. We also presented the [ Read more ]

UX and future networks – Mobile World Congress 2014

Picture of cables

We will be presenting one of our concepts at this year’s Mobile World Congress (Feb 24–27). The concept as such is still a bit of a secret, but we can reveal that we will talk about using user experience as a way of innovating around future communication technologies as well [ Read more ]

Report: The next age of megacities

Megacities need to balance social, economic and environmental pressures in a sustainable way, while providing essential services and a good quality of life for the citizens. Realizing this potential requires a holistic, proactive and collaborative approach at all levels of society, from city planners, businesses and citizens, using a city management system to achieve a common vision.

This is where ICT can play an [ Read more ]

User experience of big data at the Mobile World Congress 2013

Part of the interface of the Exploring Big Data demo to be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2013

As some of you might know, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is less than a week away (February 25–28). This year, Ericsson is presenting a selection of research projects with the ambition to illustrate our activities [ Read more ]