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Report: The next age of megacities

Megacities need to balance social, economic and environmental pressures in a sustainable way, while providing essential services and a good quality of life for the citizens. Realizing this potential requires a holistic, proactive and collaborative approach at all levels of society, from city planners, businesses and citizens, using a city management system to achieve a common vision.

This is where ICT can play an [ Read more ]

Ramblings about playfulness and design in old school format – The book Plei Plei is finally here

The book "Plei-Plei!" - now printed

During 2012 a group of people from the Mobile Life centre ( and some of its partners (including yours truly) decided to put together a collection of writings as well as presentations of interesting projects that illustrate the importance of playfulness in all kinds of domains. As a consequence [ Read more ]

Report: Managing Megacities

Megacities may be congested and complex, but are also among the planet’s most exciting places to live. They have proven effective at stimulating creativity, innovation, freedom and economic development.

Today, 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities, a figure expected to reach about 70 percent by [ Read more ]