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Exploring connected things with BERG


The London-based design consultancy BERG have produced some very interesting work and their idea that Products are People Too is particularly intriguing since we had been tinkering with the concept of a Social Web of Things. When we stumbled over BERG’s brilliant work it was striking how many of their ideas overlapped and added to our own. [ Read more ]

Ericsson and LEGO at MWC 2012

fetch-the-paper robot

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, one of the major fairs for the telecom industry, we teamed up with LEGO Mindstorms to show connected Lego-robots hooked up to the Social Web of Things prototype.

The demo included four robots, each with a specific task. A laundry-robot that sorted socks by colour and placed them in different baskets while it chatted with the washing machine. A gardening-robot watered the [ Read more ]

A Social Web of Things

Back in 2008 we started working with some projects involving interaction design for large networks of connected products and services. Not Internet of Things-ish stuff, but in that direction. The challenge was to come up with a graphical user interface which was both scalable and very easy to understand. Or that was what we initially thought the challenge was.

The scaling-part was difficult. A relatively small number of things, say ten fifteen or so connected [ Read more ]