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Moral compasses and parallel universes — a few thoughts about technology and ethics

smilescale_16-9 Should public safety trump civil liberty? Will cities (or our lives for that matter) become better if we make them more efficient? Does it matter if common technologies are indecipherable to most people? Is it always a given that the data generated by people’s use of products and services belongs to the ones providing those products and services?

These kinds of [ Read more ]

The future of pet-like products

Sometimes I get to talk about the near future of smart networked products and services. This is an image I have used to describe where product design is heading. It is originally borrowed from robot research, showing what they call the “uncanny valley“; the steep drop just before the curve reaches the upper right corner of the chart. It [ Read more ]

Widening the scope

Last week, I was appointed member of “Användningsforum”, a group created by the Swedish government with the assignment to maintain a continuos dialogue regarding strategies for accessibility and usability for ICT (read press release, unfortunately only in Swedish).

This engagement is really interesting seen from an user experience point of view. Without trying to make UX sound more [ Read more ]