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Article: Crafting UX – designing the user experience beyond the interface

In large technologically-driven organizations with a broad and complex product range, establishing a user-centric approach to product design can be very challenging. The shift towards designing products and services for compelling experiences for users requires (among other things) changes in planning, resources and processes.

I have recently contributed to an Ericsson Review article that my former colleague Didier Chincholle put together on the topic. [ Read more ]

“Automagic” – some user experience design principles for automated systems.

(This was originally a pecha-kucha style presentation that I gave recently at an internal event where I tried to give some general overview and some advice, or principles, for designing better automated systems. It’s transcribed after memory + my notes, and slightly adjusted for readability). “Hi, I’m Joakim. I work at a place called the User Experience Lab at Ericsson Research. [ Read more ]

A Social Web of Things

Back in 2008 we started working with some projects involving interaction design for large networks of connected products and services. Not Internet of Things-ish stuff, but in that direction. The challenge was to come up with a graphical user interface which was both scalable and very easy to understand. Or that was what we initially thought the challenge was.

The scaling-part was difficult. A relatively small number of things, say ten fifteen or so connected [ Read more ]