Ericsson Experience Centers

    Ericsson Experience Centers

    Ericsson Experience Centers offer a creative and innovative business environment. This is where we unlock new business opportunities by bringing our experts together with our customers and partners. Our global scale and knowledge enable us to demonstrate the latest technology and services – regardless of location and time zone. Items showcased at our major events can be seen at the Ericsson Experience Centers, and our experts facilitate business discussions, knowledge-sharing and collaborative creation workshops there.

    Networked Society

    In a Networked Society, everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected. At the Ericsson Experience Centers, we show you how to address the opportunities and challenges that this entails.

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    Consumer insight reports

    Ericsson ConsumerLab has more than 15 years’ experience of studying how people act and think about ICT products and services. These insights allow us to work together with service providers to fulfill their customer demands and discover new opportunities and business models.

    ConsumerLab reports

    This is ConsumerLab

    ConsumerLab infographic

    Ericsson Speaker's Corner

    Every innovation starts with an idea. And every idea needs to be discussed in order to grow. At Ericsson’s Experience Centers and in our Speaker’s Corner, we encourage the sharing of visions and ideas.

    Ericsson Speaker’s Corner

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