Ericsson Business Review

Ericsson Business Review, Issue 1, 2016
Rowan Högman

Rowan Högman, Director, Strategic Marketing, Ericsson

No more fluffy clouds

Ever heard of nephelococcygia? It’s the act – or art – of finding patterns in clouds. We tried it for ourselves in the new issue of Ericsson Business Review – and that’s when things got really interesting.

We kick things off with a cloud transformation like no other. GE’s Shane Stakem gives us the inside story of rolling out a cloud platform to drive growth at one of the world’s largest – and most demanding – companies. As Shane puts it, we’re not talking baby steps here.

In an exclusive opinion piece, industry authority Jason Hoffman argues that cloud is about more than architecture. He calls for the industry to look beyond technology discussions and to embrace platform thinking and new organizational structures – after all, he says, cloud will be a multi-trillion dollar industry, and there’s simply no way that the winners are already determined.

Next, Mariette Lehto emphasizes that as cloud grows, operators’ businesses should do the same. She explains that operators can take concrete actions to maximize their cloud prospects – and sets out four clear steps for success.

Of course, taking cloud to new heights will require the next generation of networks. In what might be the industry’s most comprehensive 5G survey yet, we asked 100 operators about their plans. A remarkable 87 percent believe 5G will be a real game-changer – Glenn Laxdal has the full results.

Elsewhere in this issue, Linda Austin and Peter Buonfiglio discuss why Seamless Organizations have the future sewn up. They write that agile businesses that deliver differentiated, omni-channel customer experiences will realize the full value of digital transformation – is your organization ready?

Finally, Eleanor Flanagan, Clara Saintigny and Vivien Zuzok urge business and regulators alike to pay more attention to the growing Asian influence on global ICT policy. Their in-depth analysis compares politics, principles, power and priorities, while underlining that China, Japan and South Korea are just too important to ignore.

Nephelococcygia or not, sometimes you need to look closely at things to see what’s really there – and what it might mean for you. With cloud increasingly dominating the ICT horizon, Ericsson Business Review gives you the best view in the business.