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    Our Everyday Reality

    What is all part of a day’s work for many Ericsson employees around the world is now being brought to life in film to form part of the Extreme Project videos.

    Smart metering opens a new world of opportunities for utility industry in Estonia

    Ericsson is currently deploying a smart-metering network in Estonia in partnership with leading energy distributer Elektrilevi, and consumers are starting to enjoy the benefits.

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    Leading the change

    China Mobile Hong Kong's transition from 2G to 4G has given them a great opportunity to win both new revenue and market share in one of the world's toughest mobile market.

    Covering continental Russia

    Thousands of sites. Nine time zones. Some of the harshest tundra environments on earth. Upgrading Russian operator MTS’s network to the latest 3G technology is certainly no ordinary assignment. Ericsson’s creativity and teamwork would be pushed to the limits in the race to install up to 600 sites a week in temperatures of -50C°. And thanks to superior project management, total commitment and industry-leading technology and services, Ericsson not only ensured a great mobile broadband experience for subscribers in every part of Russia, but once again proved that extreme projects are our everyday reality.

    Into the Jungle

    The entire world is getting connected – even the extreme territory of the Amazon jungle. Thanks to Ericsson, about 150 villages deep in the heart of the Amazon now have GSM and 3G connectivity. The dramatic story of how that connectivity was made possible is an adventure in itself – overcoming some of nature's most extreme conditions and challenges to help transform lives.

    World record roll out

    More than 13 million Vodafone customers in India were part of a world record – and they don't even know it. Why? Not one of them experienced any downtime during Ericsson's live network upgrade – the largest to date – despite the vast distances involved, poor infrastructure and extreme weather variations. How did Ericsson overcome such extreme challenges?